API Showcase News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API showcase conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
nodeStorage and the Personal Cloud Application Architecture (2015-01-23) www.windley.com
Tracking the Data of Domains (2015-02-26) bavatuesdays.com
Private Backups for Firebase Data (2015-03-04) firebase.googleblog.com
The best way to reach your audience from a single platform: Introducing Known Pro! https://withknown.com/pro/ (2015-03-05) stream.withknown.com
The Remix Hypothesis (2015-03-24) opencontent.org
Paper Thoughts and the Remix Hypothesis (2015-03-26) hapgood.us
twostairs/paperwork (2015-03-27) github.com
Silo-free is not enough (2015-03-28) scripting.com
An Art Portfolio of One?s Own (2015-03-30) bavatuesdays.com
Self-hosted Known 0.7.6 has left the building (2015-03-31) stream.withknown.com
Self-hosted Known 0.7.7 has left the building - and introduces a bold new service. (2015-04-09) stream.withknown.com
Domain of One?s Own and WordPress Networks (2015-04-22) bavatuesdays.com
Password Management Ground Zero for Digital Literacy (2015-04-28) bavatuesdays.com
It?s YOUR Mobile Data! How to Take Control of It and Put it to Work ~ Part 2 (2015-04-28) apsalar.com
Password Management Ground Zero for Digital Literacy | bavatuesdays (2015-05-01) bavatuesdays.com
Snapchat finally lets users share content from its publishing partners (2015-05-05) venturebeat.com
How to permanently delete your dating profiles on Tinder, Hinge and Match (2015-05-08) www.businessinsider.com
Raspberry Preserve ? A BitTorrent Sync client in a Mason Jar (2015-05-09) hackaday.com
Self-hosted Known has left the building (2015-05-16) stream.withknown.com
Improving data literacy in Macedonia (2015-05-19) schoolofdata.org
Data literacy is about saving lives as well (2015-05-19) schoolofdata.org
Resignation (2015-05-24) bavatuesdays.com
Independent Teaching Networks (2015-05-26) bavatuesdays.com
Hiding Smartphone Photo Location Information (2015-05-27) www.nytimes.com
The Reclaim Code (2015-05-30) bavatuesdays.com
Teaching with WordPress (2015-06-02) bavatuesdays.com
A Personal API (2015-06-05) bavatuesdays.com
Reclaim Hosting (2015-06-11) opencontent.org
The Un-education of a Technologist: From EDUPUNK to ds106 (2015-06-11) bavatuesdays.com
Personal data is a monetary currency we donrsquo;t understand. (2015-06-14) vasters.com
Getting Started with Known - Creating a Personal Site (2015-06-16) stream.withknown.com
On the Benefits of Teaching Students to Blog (2015-06-29) stream.withknown.com
The OPENi Personal Cloudlet (2015-07-02) www.openi-ict.eu
Questioning the Conformity Curve (2015-07-06) bavatuesdays.com
Known: create a single website for all your content (2015-07-17) withknown.com
Abstractions: Running WordPress Multi-Site using AWS, Docker, and BTSync (2015-07-18) bavatuesdays.com
A Long Short History of Reclaim Hosting (2015-08-21) bavatuesdays.com
A Domain of the Practical (2015-08-26) bavatuesdays.com
Regaining Control of Our Data with User-Managed Access (2015-08-27) www.windley.com
Reclaiming State U (2015-09-13) bavatuesdays.com
10,000 and 1 Reclaimers (2015-12-08) bavatuesdays.com
Domain Mapping on GitHub (2015-12-09) bavatuesdays.com
Domain Mapping on Squarespace (2015-12-11) bavatuesdays.com
Reclaim Your Email Namespace (2015-12-15) bavatuesdays.com
Reclaim the Portfolio (2015-12-18) bavatuesdays.com
5 Great Free Apps For Minimizing Your Online Presence (2015-12-26) www.fastcompany.com
Personal APIs and Academic Libraries (2016-01-04) bavatuesdays.com
With personal data, are you a Processor or Controller? (2016-01-11) disruptiveviews.com
Installing Omeka-S Alpha on Reclaim Hosting via Command Line (2016-01-13) bavatuesdays.com
Why Do We Expose Ourselves? (2016-01-23) theintercept.com
Scholarly debt and deficit (2016-01-24) followersoftheapocalyp.se
6 Ways Hackers Can Monetize Your Life (2016-01-27) www.huffingtonpost.com
Your Digital Footprint and Why You Need to Manage It (2016-01-27) www.huffingtonpost.com
Announcing Known 0.9, named for Delia Derbyshire (2016-02-02) stream.withknown.com
Migrating Known (2016-02-07) bavatuesdays.com
Research Results Part 6: Data Literacy Research References and Resources (2016-02-11) schoolofdata.org
1Password has a new family plan to help you manage passwords for up to 5 people (2016-02-16) thenextweb.com
Northwest OpenNotes Consortium: EHR data should belong to patients (2016-02-16) www.healthcareitnews.com
Northwest OpenNotes Consortium: EHR data should belong to patients (2016-02-16) www.healthcareitnews.com
Want to control your data? Get a HAT (2016-02-17) disruptiveviews.com
In service to CUNY?s mission as a public university (2016-02-19) bavatuesdays.com
Provocations on the Personal API (2016-02-29) timklapdor.wordpress.com
My Data: Empowering All Americans with Personal Data Access (2016-03-16) www.digitalgov.gov
How to export your LinkedIn contacts to a spreadsheet and import them into OnePageCRM (2016-03-24) www.onepagecrm.com
A Vinyl API of One?s Own | Adam Croom (2016-03-26) adamcroom.com
And that, my friends, is the Personal API (2016-03-30) bavatuesdays.com
Indie Ed-Tech, The University And Personal APIs: Drawing Lines In The Sand To Define Our Digital Self (2016-03-30) kinlane.com
Owning and sharing your words (2016-04-02) blog.jonudell.net
First Steps in the Personal API ? Bionic Teaching (2016-04-05) bionicteaching.com
The Public Perspective on Healthcare: Innovation and Empowering Patients to be Healthcare Consumers (2016-04-07) blog.pokitdok.com
Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset (2016-04-10) dzone.com
How to Export Linkedin Contacts Out of Linkedin (2016-04-13) blog.contactually.com
Personal API: Progress in Pursuit of Nirvana ? Bionic Teaching (2016-04-19) bionicteaching.com
A Bit More on the Personal API (2016-04-22) bionicteaching.com
Data Literacy Will Make You Invincible (2016-04-27) www.huffingtonpost.com
Personal APIs in a University Setting (2016-05-09) www.windley.com
Building a Personal API (2016-05-10) www.windley.com
Twitter Should Refuse to Sell Your Tweets to Local Law Enforcement (2016-05-10) www.aclunc.org
Archiving My Digital Past (2016-06-07) bavatuesdays.com
IoT and Big Data: Who Owns All the Data? (2016-06-08) dzone.com
DataWallet ? Make money by selling your personal data to marketing firms. (2016-06-11) datawallet.io
Engage by Twitter ? A safer Twitter for celebs (that everyone can use) ?? (2016-06-21) blog.twitter.com
Artificial intelligence companies need our data. Can we stop giving it away for free? (2016-07-01) www.recode.net
Big Brother Banks ? Who Owns Your Data? (2016-07-06) bankinnovation.net
Privacy Shield Will Let US Tech Giants Grab Europeans? Data (2016-07-12) www.wired.com
MiMedia ? The personal cloud youve always wanted (2016-07-19) www.mimedia.com
Stop Throwing Away Your Content (2016-07-20) adrianroselli.com
Data collection options for every patient (2016-07-21) blog.allscripts.com
Open Data as a Human Right: the Case of Case-Law (2016-07-27) blog.okfn.org
New Tool to Help Notify Users When Their Content is Taken Offline (2016-07-29) www.eff.org
Our data has value ? the future of privacy Part II, with Doc Searls (2016-07-29) disruptiveviews.com
All Your Data Are Belong to Pokemon! (2016-08-02) dzone.com
Comcast: ISPs should be able to sell your Web history to advertisers (2016-08-03) thenextweb.com
Your medical data: misappropriated by health-tech companies, off-limits to you (2016-08-09) boingboing.net
Mysterious medical research consortium: we should own volunteers clinical trial data for 5 years (2016-08-09) boingboing.net
Open Blog: Why We Should All Digest Our Data (2016-08-12) open.blogs.nytimes.com
We Need to Make Digital Data That Dies Like Us (2016-08-17) motherboard.vice.com
Aclara Emphasizes Need to Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership When Choosing Advanced Metering and Communications Networks (2016-08-24) www.remotemagazine.com
How Health IT Standards Enable Patient Access to Health Data (2016-08-29) healthitinteroperability.com
OpenHumans ? Donate Your Data to Science (2016-08-29) blog.adafruit.com
Requesting Personal User Data in Apps (2016-08-30) blog.pyze.com
Jeremy Corbyn proposing digital bill of rights (2016-08-30) www.bbc.co.uk
An Internet for Identity (2016-08-30) www.windley.com
Putting Domains Infrastructure in the Cloud (2016-08-30) bavatuesdays.com
Data ripple effect: UK customers severely underestimate the quantity of personal data stored about them (2016-09-07) www.itsecurityguru.org
The Rules of Retention: How Long Does Bronto Save My Data? (2016-09-07) blog.bronto.com
Give Up the AWS Ghost (2016-09-11) bavatuesdays.com
Steven Levy profiles Carl Malamud, Boing Boings favorite rogue archivist (2016-09-13) boingboing.net
Clever?s commitment to protecting student data (2016-09-13) blog.clever.com
Setting Expectations for Accessing User Data via OAuth (2016-09-17) googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com
This Tool Lets You Check If Your Personal Info Is on the Dark Web (2016-09-20) motherboard.vice.com
Kids need to reclaim their data and security? especially at school (2016-09-21) techcrunch.com
Twitter Makes it Easier to See Who Wants Your Data (2016-09-22) www.pcmag.com
Customers bewildered and fearful about use of their data (2016-09-26) www.bbc.co.uk
Getting data out of Medium (2016-09-26) medium.com
Private Data Is the Ultimate Luxury Good (2016-09-27) motherboard.vice.com
Meditation for Real Life: How to Be Mindful With Facebook (2016-09-28) www.nytimes.com
A journey through API programming ? Part 4: Posting to Medium (2016-09-28) medium.com
Breaking the Black Box: What Facebook Knows About You (2016-09-29) www.propublica.org
You might be surprised to learn who?s collecting your data (2016-10-01) techcrunch.com
Exploring Data Portability (2016-10-04) www.digitalgov.gov
Whats My Data Worth? (2016-10-11) blogs.forrester.com
Personal API (2016-10-15) medium.com
Putting a value on your company information (2016-10-18) ctovision.com
Recognizing the Risks of Our Continuously Connected Lives (2016-10-31) www.dhs.gov
Genetics startup Genos wants to pay you for your DNA data (2016-11-01) techcrunch.com
New Economics (2016-12-26) avc.com
Introducing Advanced Features in Zoho Vault to Curb Security Threats and Boost Productivity (2016-12-29) www.zoho.com
Earn up to $1,500 for Healthy Behavior with Fitbit’s New Healthcare Integration (2017-01-04) blog.fitbit.com
What It Takes To Truly Delete Data (2017-01-30) fivethirtyeight.com
Trump’s FCC May Let ISPs Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent (2017-01-31) motherboard.vice.com
How do we enable patients to own their data? (2017-01-31) www.allscripts.com
Advertising and the value of your personal data (2017-01-31) blog.avira.com
50 Percent of Americans Don’t Trust Institutions to Protect Their Data (2017-02-03) www.itsecurityguru.org
Information is garbage (2017-02-03) techcrunch.com
National Association for Information Destruction (2017-02-08) www.naidonline.org
Guidelines for Media Sanitization (2017-02-08) nvlpubs.nist.gov
QA site Quora clamps down on anonymity – will review content before publishing, restrict actions (2017-02-10) techcrunch.com
Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for tipping off wife about affair (2017-02-12) www.bbc.co.uk
Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA’s Earth Science Data (2017-02-13) www.wired.com
Janrain Survey: Gain customer trust to get access to valuable personal data (2017-02-14) www.janrain.com
Why “Data Ownership” Matters (2017-02-16) ctovision.com
Stealth startup Privacy Labs raises $4M to give consumers ‘control’ of their data (2017-02-23) techcrunch.com
5 Platforms Connecting Local Customers to their Online Footprints (2017-03-10) streetfightmag.com
Biotyranny and its Resistance: Who Owns Your Body? (2017-03-11) motherboard.vice.com
FAQ: Online Data Brokers People Search Sites (2017-03-22) www.privacyrights.org
Im doing just fine after deleting all my online accounts, thanks for asking (2017-03-23) pando.com
NFL players can track and sell their own health data (2017-04-26) blog.adafruit.com
Awareness of How Your Data is Being Used and What to Do About It (2017-05-10) www.codeproject.com
The Firewall of the Future Is Identity (2017-05-29) auth0.com
How this teen's life changed after deleting all social media (2017-05-30) boingboing.net
How 'Human Capital' Differs from 'Human Resources' (2017-05-30) www.merriam-webster.com
9 ways to protect your customers’ data and keep them in the loop (2017-05-31) thenextweb.com
New Fintech Leaders Join the Consumer Financial Data Rights Group (2017-06-01) staging.www.yodlee.com
The Digital Footprint of Europe’s Refugees (2017-06-08) www.pewresearch.org
Apple Employees in China Detained for Selling User Data (2017-06-08) www.darkreading.com
If data is the new oil, who is your refiner? (2017-06-13) readwrite.com
This app is a perfect weapon for fighting your own online privacy war (2017-06-13) mashable.com
Instagram’s archive feature goes live, letting you hide photos indefinitely (2017-06-13) techcrunch.com
The Digital Footprint of Europe’s Refugees (2017-06-15) thegovlab.org
German court lashes out at Google over the 'right to be forgotten' (2017-06-16) mashable.com
The Risk of Hospitality (2017-06-17) readwriterespond.com
Big Data, Data Science, and Civil Rights (2017-06-17) thegovlab.org
Knight Institute Demands That President Unblock Critics on Twitter (2017-06-18) knightcolumbia.org
Don’t let your digital assets become a liability! (2017-06-19) cloudinary.com
People trust Amazon with their personal data more than other major tech companies (AMZN) (2017-06-20) www.businessinsider.com
Blockchains, personal data and the challenge of governance (2017-06-22) thegovlab.org
Nextcloud’s Frank Karlitschek: Enterprises Require Full Control of Their Cloud Data (2017-06-26) thenewstack.io
The Persistence Argument for Running Your Own Server Is Wrong (2017-06-26) hapgood.us
Minimum Viable Public Project (2017-06-30) hapgood.us
Scientists create ride (2017-07-01) www.engadget.com
Maryland joins states that won’t give data to Trump’s election commission (2017-07-03) www.washingtonpost.com
Little Snitch 4 (2017-07-06) www.obdev.at
Mark Cuban told his new draft pick to delete old tweets (2017-07-11) www.washingtonpost.com
Everything is an API, including me and my CV (2017-07-14) medium.com
Facebook says it shouldn’t have to stay mum when government seeks user data (2017-07-15) www.washingtonpost.com
POSSEE (2017-07-19) bryanmmathers.com
Roomba creator says it ‘will never sell your data’ after talking about selling your data (2017-07-28) www.theverge.com
Roomba walks back plan to sell maps of your house to Amazon and Google (2017-07-29) boingboing.net
Selling Off Privacy At Auction in less then 100 ms, for less than $0.0005 (2017-08-01) lukaszolejnik.com
It’s time to kill the personal website (2017-08-10) thenextweb.com
Microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape LinkedIn data (2017-08-15) www.theverge.com
LinkedIn can’t block scrapers from monitoring user activity (2017-08-15) www.engadget.com
Judge orders LinkedIn to stop blocking data (2017-08-15) hosted.ap.org
Is LinkedIn trying to protect your data — or hoard it? (2017-08-15) www.washingtonpost.com
How blockchain solves the complicated data (2017-08-17) thenextweb.com
Digi.me and Personal merge to put you in control of the nascent ‘personal data ecosystem’ (2017-08-17) techcrunch.com
Advisory: AccuWeather iOS app sends location information to data monetization firm (2017-08-21) medium.com
A security researcher discovered AccuWeather app tracked, shared your location — even if you 'opt out' (2017-08-24) www.washingtonpost.com
Verizon will now trade you your personal data for ... concert tickets (2017-09-05) mashable.com
Owned: Property, Privacy, and the New Digital Serfdom Read (2017-09-10) thegovlab.org
Reclaiming personal data for the common good (2017-09-20) thegovlab.org
Have you ever considered data as currency? (2017-10-06) usa.kaspersky.com
This startup lets you monetize on your genetic data (2017-10-11) thenextweb.com
The Human API (2017-10-16) medium.com
The next revolution will be reclaiming your digital identity (2017-10-17) techcrunch.com
Equifax says it owns all its data about you: ‘This is part of the way the economy works’ (2017-11-08) www.washingtonpost.com
Most of the public doesn’t know what open data is or how to use it (2017-11-09) thegovlab.org
It’s time to take back ownership of our digital identities (2017-11-17) thenextweb.com
The battle for control of data could be just starting (2017-11-19) techcrunch.com
The battle for control of data could be just starting (2017-11-19) techcrunch.com
Towards Open Banking and Better Control Over Your Personal Data (2017-12-13) digit.fyi
How to delete your Twitter history (2018-02-08) www.theverge.com
Using the Blockchain to Own Your Data (2018-02-13) medium.com
Instagram traps data without a Download Your Information tool (2018-04-10) techcrunch.com
Untitled (https://www.economist.com/the (2018-07-10) www.economist.com
Paying for a service doesn’t guarantee it won’t sell your data (2018-07-22) thenextweb.com
How to Delete All Your Tweets (2018-08-02) www.popularmechanics.com
Data unions (2018-08-24) medium.com
What Do We Owe Students When We Collect Their Data – a response – Is a Liminal Space (2018-10-26) autumm.edtech.fm

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.